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First look photos sì o no?

First look photos sì o no?

First look yes or no?

Many questions arise when planning your BIG day, and if it is a destination wedding in Tuscany the amazing countryside or the historical character that venues have may inspire you to choose a little spot of the venue for this very emotional moment of the day and have first look photos.

Although they are not new to weddings they are high in many couples’ thoughts, why?

First look photos in Tuscany give couple the opportunity of spending some quiet time together before the ceremony, allow privacy and more time to enjoy cocktail hour – don’t you think? More private intimate emotions between the two of you before the whirlwind starts.

On the other hand, having NO first look pics keeps the WOW factor high when the bride enters ceremony and the groom sees her for the first time - a fabulous solution if you wish to keep the surprise until the wedding officially starts - and is perfect if you plan a long time cocktail so you have moments when you can sneak away to take couple shots.

As your big day approaches, I am sure you are thinking whether to have first look photos or to wait until you walk along the aisle to reveal your look. Have you come to a decision yet? To all my couples and those who are thinking to hire me, this is where a Wedding Planner may come in handy with professional advice!